Foam Arena Footing
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Improve Your Riding Arena Footing


Reduce Injury


Dampen Fatigue


Lessen Dust


Conserve Water


Environmentally Friendly

dressage arena footing

Why not give your horse every opportunity to succeed? Our foam arena footing’s cell structure reduces impact firmness, improves cushioning and maintains proper surface grip.

Reduce the Opportunity for Horse Injury

Lessen Impact 

Lessen the impact on your horse with our foam arena footing additive. Impact firmness influences the mechanical shock experienced by the horse when the hoof first hits the ground. By mixing a layer of foam footing with your base footing,  impact firmness is considerably reduced while still providing hoof support and stability.

Improve Cushioning

Foam footing allows cushioning within the footing to dampen and reduce the maximum force when the horse puts its full weight on the leg . Foot fall compressions are dampened which allows for less strain and increases the longevity of joint tissues. Relieving impact to your horses feet. legs, and body helps extend its endurance and stamina.

Maintain Grip

The footing's grip is measured by how much the horse’s hoof slides during the movements of ground impaction, turning and pushing off. The grip of the footing is then determined by both the various footing materials interlocking and holding the surface together as well as the actual surface friction of the footing materials.  If the footing was a high grip surface, it would stop the hoof too quickly and contrarily, a slippery surface the hoof would slide too much. FoamFooting™ is made from the same materials as they make yoga mats; and like yoga mats, it provides your arena with consistent traction and little accommodation for sliding.

Arena Footing that Improves Your Environment

Conserve Water

The cell foam additive is porous and moisture-permeable. The foam pieces absorb water while maintaining good traction.The foam footing allows for extended periods of riding in between typical waterings.

Lessen Dust

The pieces of cell foam footing are shredded to appropriates sizes so that the pieces remain in your arena. The foam draws in and retains moisture, lessening the dust in your arena.

Eco Friendly

Foam Footing is made from the recyclable excess material. We avoid controversial chemicals such as polyvinyl chloride and phthalate, and create a second life for materials that are typically discarded in landfills.


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